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Neighborhood Photo: Tour Bus Crowds Hanover Street

Fall tourist season is at it’s peak bringing groups of people to the North End for a photo op. of the historic streets and maybe a cannoli. This bus driver did not get the memo that tour buses are not allowed on Hanover Street.

Photo submitted by Dr. Joseph Mendola.

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One Reply to “Neighborhood Photo: Tour Bus Crowds Hanover Street

  1. The city should be educating tour guides and toursists that this is a living working neighborhood and not colonial Williamsburg, use common sense when crossing the street (it once took me 7 minutes to get from charter to fleet on Hanover because a large group crossed at Hanover at the Prado and by the time they cleared the intersection, the beginning of the group was crossing Clark st), not to block sidewalks, make sure the buses are parking someplace legal (and not illegally ideling) and just in general that they are visitors.

    In order to pay for this large groups should have to pay $1/ person. Large tour companies are bastardizing our neighborhood to make much more than a buck and they don’t care about the impact.

    They can afford the $1 and be reminded to be considerate.

    Any excess refine from the program can go toward helping with the upkeep of the neighborhood.

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