North End Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America Present at Neighborhood Council Meeting

Luigi Natale and Andrew Battaglia presented the new North End Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America (OSIA) to council members and attendees at the Neighborhood Council September meeting.

The Order was originally started in the North End in 1905. It’s an Italian-American 501c3 charitable organization that preserves history and culture. Luigi and Andrew, along with several others, are bringing the chapter back to the North End.

The North End OSIA has 113 people signed up and 50 people have already paid their full membership. They are expecting their charter in the next few weeks. The national president is coming in October for the swearing in of new members.

Some of their short-term goals include:

  • Raise money for scholarships for children of the North End.
  • Supporting local sports organizations.
  • Local events to bring the community together.
  • A parade or block party for the neighborhood.

Long-term goals:

  • An Italian monument dedicated to immigrants and our Italian ancestors who came to America for a better life.
  • An Italian cultural center.

The North End OSIA has been approved to use the Nazarro Center temporarily. You do not have to be Italian to be part of the Sons & Daughters of Italy of the North End – you can be a “social member”.

First year dues are $75. The majority goes to the national level to become an official member of the Order. After that it’s $50 a year. Applications are available at the Nazarro Center and you can mail them in to 30 N. Bennet Street. Checks should be made out to North End – OSIA.

If you’re interested in joining or simply learning more, you can contact the North End OSIA via this Google formFacebook, or by email at

3 Replies to “North End Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America Present at Neighborhood Council Meeting

  1. Don’t be cynical, Truth, they’re just trying to do something nice for the neighborhood.
    I can do without another parade but a block party in the Prado would be a nice way to introduce neighbors to each other.

  2. The Sons and Daughters of Italy in America is a very strong national organization. I am a member of Quattro Eroi Lodge #1414 in Franklin, MA. We are a small lodge in comparison to many within the state of MA. The Brothers and Sisters of my Lodge were astonished to hear that there was no filial lodge in Boston’s North End. It is a wonderful thing that Brothers Andrew Battaglia and Luigi Natale are resurrecting this important filial lodge. The North End has long been an iconic location of Italian history and culture. The finest eateries, pastry shops and vendors of Italian fare are located in this well known neighborhood of Boston, MA. Italian-Americans from all over the country identify with this region of MA. As well as preserving the history and culture of Italy in America, the OSDIA supports many charitable entities. These include the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation, The Casa Monte Cassino and many more. Scholarships are awarded to many worthy students every year. Scholarships are available on the local, state and national levels. The Grand Lodge of MA recognizes excellence in educational, law and justice on an annual basis. I suppose that I am saying that the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America is not just another “block party or parade purveyor. We are a strong, united and dedicated group of citizens intent on maintaining the cultural, historic and future for all Italians and their descendants in the United States of America. Your endeavor to bring the OSDIA back in Boston’s North End is appreciated. Gratia Brothers Andrew and Luigi. On behalf of Quattro Eroi Lodge #1414 I wish you great success.

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