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Photo Gallery: 104th Saint Agrippina’s Feast Procession and Tug of War

The 104th St. Agrippina’s Feast was capped off Sunday with a 10-hour Grand Procession through the North End streets. Both the North End Marching Band and the Italian-American Band kept everyone upbeat with traditional feast music. Adding some Irish flair to the festive procession were the Greater Boston Firefighters Pipe and Drum Corps. The Grand Procession ended with the traditional “Tug of War” (the back half won again, though the front took one of the three battles this year) and the “Dance of 20 Men” to cheers from the grateful crowd. Enjoy the photos in this gallery from the 104th St. Agrippina Sunday Grand Procession. (Photos by Matt Conti)

On Saturday night, the band 112 sang their famous “Peaches and Cream” hit, among others to a crowd on Hanover Street.  Also see photos from the Opening Night festivities.

Saint Agrippina Di Mineo was a beautiful blond princess who was unmercifully tortured to death by the Emperor Valerian in 256 AD. After her death, her body was taken from Rome to Mineo, Sicily, by three holy women; Bassa, Paula and Agatonica. The commoners were amazed by the lightweight fragranced body protected by angels and shielded by clouds. In the North End, it’s 20 men that coordinate in a complex rhythm to keep the extremely heavy statue in the air. Read more about the benefit society, feast and the history of Saint Agrippina Di Mineo at

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  1. Lets not forgot the gallant efforts of the guys and gals enduring that heat to keep this wonderful tradition going.VIVA! Tuti

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