Reader Poll: Where Should the Playground at Langone & Puopolo Parks Be Located?

Boston Parks & Recreation recently hosted their third and final community meeting to discuss improvements to Langone & Puopolo Parks. Two final design concepts were presented and attendees provided feedback on the proposed layouts.

In addition to the highly debated topic of the grass, meeting attendees also discussed the relocation of the playground. In Concept A, the playground would remain in its current location, whereas in Concept B the playground would move to the other side of Langone Park, next to the Steriti Rink.

Which location do you prefer? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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8 Replies to “Reader Poll: Where Should the Playground at Langone & Puopolo Parks Be Located?

  1. Regardless of which design is ultimately selected, the most important thing is to make sure all the ballfields remain natural grass and not the synthetic turf that is being proposed! There is so little open green space in the North End currently, it would be a disaster to lose what we have now.

  2. Perhaps the playground is best where it is now. Aren’t there druggies who hang around the rink at night, leaving the needles around? Needles have been found during the day strewn all over.

  3. Since they are frequent users of it, has anyone asked the local dogs which type of turf *they* prefer? 😉

  4. The playground should remain where it is now. Too much goes on near the akting rink as it is and I don’t think a playground should be there. It’s bad enough that there are people sleeping all over the structures now, I think it would be worse near the rink. Also, why does there need to be more bocce courts? I would make sure there are working bathrooms before you add in more bocce courts? Maybe put the bocce courts near skating rink?

  5. As a parent of young kids, it is very helpful to have the playground between the ball fields and near the dugouts. The proximity helps juggle keeping little kids entertained while still able to watch older kids on either of the fields and to swing over and watch when a child is at bat, etc.

    And GRASS not turf.

  6. Agreed with Mrs.D. that a working bathroom would be lovely. In reference to your other question, the bocce courts use the same lights as the fields so I know that would be a cost factor in moving the courts since they’re obviously used later into the evening than the playground.
    To Michele, there is one or two courts inside the rink that are accessible with a membership.

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