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Carolyn Lynch Garden Opens at North End Greenway Park (Plus, Bench Swings are Back)

There is a new horticulture hotspot in the ‘hood! The Carolyn Lynch Garden debuted this month on the Greenway’s North End Parks showing off the completely restored public space. The garden is located on the south side of Hanover Street (also known as Parcel 10), across from the Haymarket Hotel site. This project follows 2015 improvements on the northern side (Parcel 8), though the gardens on the southern side are twice as large as the northern beds. The dedicated gardens are part of a $1.4 million gift from The Lynch Foundation.

The newly constructed space features four-season plantings, with a European-style design, in keeping with the park’s original design. Inspiration was taken from Carolyn’s tulip beds in Ireland as were the thistle-like plants (Sea Holly, Teasel) from her Massachusetts garden. Echinacea will also be highlighted within the garden. The sloped areas feature ornamental grasses along with taller perennials.

The garden is now open to the public as the Greenway Conservancy continues to work on the details adding some additional plants along with some furniture and planters.

Bonus! The bench swings under the pergolas at the North End parks are back! The popular swings were temporarily removed two years ago for a structural integrity redesign. Now that they are back, it is time to get your swing on!

One Reply to “Carolyn Lynch Garden Opens at North End Greenway Park (Plus, Bench Swings are Back)

  1. Beautiful garden!!!
    Just a reminder about proposed construction on the Greenway, just about a block away from this beautiful garden.
    Take a look above at picture #5 of the Carolyn Lynch Garden on the Greenway. The proposal anticipates adding a 10 story hotel to the current 7 story Dock Sq garage (brick structure in middle of the photo)!
    Imagine how different this photo view will be if that actually happens. If you are concerned about this proposal, let the Boston Planning and Development Agency (aka BRA).

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