Greenway Swings Temporarily Removed from North End Parks

The bench swings hanging from the pergola in the Greenway North End Parks have been removed. (NEWF photo)
Posted sign about the swing removal

The popular bench swings on the North End Greenway Parks have been removed as the heavy use has raised safety concerns with the current design.

Conservancy staff told that signs of stress were showing up on the beams holding the swings so they took them down for safety reasons. The manufacturer is working to analyze and hopefully bring back a modified version that will prove more durable.

The Conservancy expects that it could be several weeks, perhaps months, for repairs to be made on the swings. A new design may be necessary that is not as wide to reduce strain on the support beams. The amount of swinging may also need to be restricted, making the bench more of a ‘slider’ than a swing.

The bench swings have been a big hit in the North End Parks, often with waiting lines to get a seat. Residents’ Association Parks Committee Chair and Greenway Conservancy Board Member Robyn Reed commented recently at a meeting that getting a seat was as difficult as a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton. Groups were often seen piling on the swings with almost nonstop use in all types of weather, day and night.

While the swing design is reviewed, the Greenway Conservancy is bringing more tables and chairs to the area under the pergola, known formally as Parcels 8 and 10, in the North End.

Earlier this year when the swings were still on the Greenway. (NEWF photo)

8 Replies to “Greenway Swings Temporarily Removed from North End Parks

  1. The Greenway could enhance the beauty and interest of the plant life, and become a true world class garden.

    The swings are another RFKGC “experiment” that costs public money, time, and staff…This issue regarding the swings maintenance was foreseen and ignored.

    The cost of the swings and engineering exceed the cost of beautiful plants that are easily enjoyed by all, who need not wait in line, nor pile up to see.

    The North End has been waiting for four years for one parcel to be replanted, as was promised.
    Rich, lush horticulture will transform Parcel 8. It is time that The North End residents, The City and visitors, enjoy what serves most people. Numerous studies prove that plants help create fresh air, reduce crime, and lower stress.

  2. Put back the benches so the elderly can enjoy and sit and relax we are not all children and young adults

  3. All they have to do is renfoce the 4 beams and the top hook it would not take months to do it more like a week OK and the money they are talking about is sad more for them to rob from the Kitty OK
    And one more thing Y didn’t they cover the top when it rains or snows it dose it there too should U not be dry and a place to go to ok

  4. Skip the swings(although I did like them). Add more benches. Add more tables. At any given time, the swings and tables leave the current number half used, i.e., one or two people spread out at a table, leaving two chairs unused, one or maybe two people on the swings. Not enough places for people to eat lunch or treats. Make better use of these. Also fulfill the promise first.

  5. I agree more benches the purpose was for everyone to enjoy. Pur a roll shade so when it showers people can still seat on the benches in the winter tie shade them back. All we do is spend and spend never any real solution. It’s like everything else in the north end they do it and don’t think !!!!

  6. Keep the swings they were a huge hit, brought in lots of buzz to the area. Already plenty of benches for the older folks that want to sit around. Bring back the swings they are missed and brought in a ton of foot track and new visitors.

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