Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Endorses Greg Henning for Suffolk County District Attorney

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D-North End) endorsed Greg Henning for Suffolk County District Attorney this week. The announcement came at a local fundraiser at Artu restaurant in Boston’s North End. “There is no one in this race who can hit the ground running on day one — and do this job starting right away — other than Greg Henning,” said Rep. Michlewitz.

Henning played little league in the North End, counting Michlewitz as a teammate. “When we were kids, Greg was a mentor,” said the Representative. “To a lot of us, he was someone you looked upon for stability, someone you knew you could count on. He was always going to show up, he was always going to work his hardest, he was always going to be that steady rock.”

Henning also spoke about that experience, calling the North End his second home. “This neighborhood is what I remember. The feeling of playing on a field where you are overlooking the USS Constitution and the monument, and being able to walk around and really get to know the neighborhood, that’s what I remember from growing up.”

Henning spoke about public safety and his vision for Suffolk County, mentioning his late father longtime Boston news reporter John Henning, who used to tell him that the feeling of security he found walking home from the ballfield in the North End was something he should always appreciate. “One of the reasons I wanted to run for District Attorney is that I remember what my Dad said about the experiences I had here. Meeting people, getting to know them, and being able to live and work in a community like this, walking home through the streets knowing that you are safe, ‘that’s special,’ he would say.”

“I’m going to keep working hard, just as Aaron and Paul have for me,” Henning said, referencing Rep. Michlewitz and former Boston City Councilor Paul Scapicchio, who was Greg’s little league coach and attended the event to support Henning.

“I am committed to making sure that all of your neighborhoods, in any part of the city, are safe for people to walk home at night from the little league field,” Henning said. “I want everyone to have the same experience that I was lucky to have as a young kid here in the North End.”