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Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Leads House Vote to Keep Open the North End’s Stanza dei Sigari

The North End’s State Representative Aaron Michlewitz has successfully led a bill through the House of Representatives that would negate Mayor Menino’s efforts to close Boston’s cigar bars, including Stanza dei Sigari at 292 Hanover Street. In 2008, the City of Boston had ordered the cigar bars to close by 2018 as part of the City’s smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

The Boston Globe reports that Rep. Michlewitz “tucked the measure into the state budget, overcoming a stiff lobbying campaign by the American Cancer Society and other antismoking groups.”

“Cigar bars do provide an attraction,’’ said Michlewitz, who acknowledged enjoying the occasional stogie. “They’re part of the total package of coming to the North End. You have dinner and a drink, and sometimes that includes a cigar. That ambience has worked so well for the neighborhood, and we’d like to keep that.’’

There are three cigar bars in Boston and four hookah lounges. In the North End, Stanza dei Sigari is the only bar where patrons can legally smoke and drink at the same time.

The bill still has to go through the State Senate and the Governor who vetoed a similar bill last year by the North End’s Senator Anthony Petruccelli.


4 Replies to “Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Leads House Vote to Keep Open the North End’s Stanza dei Sigari

  1. I think it's actually only lung cancer for those consenting adults that choose to visit the cigar bar and the employees that choose to work there. But by all means, lets treat everyone like children and shut down a local business while we're at it.

    I'm all for banning smoking in public places (and I think smokers that toss their butts on the street should be forced to eat them), but this is ridiculous.

  2. What's the difference between someone who likes to have a cigarette after their meal and someone who likes to have a cigar?

  3. @ Jimmy. Based on $9/pk a cigarette costs $0.45. The cigars in a cigar bar cost around $25 each. That is about the only difference I can see. Plus its a place for the guys to get away from the women for a peaceful smoke I suppose.

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