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Sal DiMasi Receives Early Compassionate Release From Prison; Home by Thanksgiving

Sal DiMasi, in happier days.

Former Massachusetts House Speaker and longtime North End representative, Sal DiMasi, received early compassionate release from prison, after a U.S. District Court ruled on Thursday. Judge Mark Wolf ordered that DiMasi be freed on November 22nd and returned to his home state.

In its order, the court sympathized with the 71 year-old’s past prostate and throat cancers and ongoing chronic illness, including a permanent swallowing problem.

DiMasi’s early release cuts about two years from his prison sentence and he will be confined to his home for six months as part of the order. The former House Speaker was convicted in 2011 on corruption charges related to contracts awarded to Cognos, a software company, in exchange for up to $65,000 in kickbacks.

While serving in the state legislature, DiMasi lived on Commercial Street with his wife, Debbie, in the North End, a neighborhood he served as State Representative for the Third Suffolk District. State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, North End resident and former aide to DiMasi, was elected in a special 2009 election to the seat after the Speaker’s resignation.

The full 69-page U.S. District Court Ruling can be found here (pdf download) with the final order shown below.



26 Replies to “Sal DiMasi Receives Early Compassionate Release From Prison; Home by Thanksgiving

  1. Welcome home Sal. May your health improve and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Very, very much overdue. I only wish for good health and peace for the DiMasi’s



    1. Sal was not sentenced to death.he as well as his family have paid for his crimes.we just witnessed a man who ran an illegal charity,a bogus University ,avoided paying Federal Taxes for decades & screwed over anyone who ever did business with him get elected POTUS,but his last name did not end his last name did not end in a vowel.WHERE IS THE JUSTICE THERE?

      1. Michael are you serious with the avoided paying federal taxes? I am sorry but when you file your federal income return do you make an election to pay more than you are suppose to? Or do you simply follow the rules and pay the correct amount? You act like using the tax law to your advantage is something criminal. Sorry but it is what every american does when they file there returns. What is Criminal is what Sal did to the Massachusetts taxpayers by taking the kickbacks. I for one think he should have had to serve the last two years, but hey at least he had to serve some time. But please don’t talk compare filing a tax return well within the law to a convicted criminal because you read an article in the times.

        1. Are you kidding me or what? The Feds rarely if ever release an inmate early so Sal DiMasi obviously hasn’t much time time left & unlike you the Judge showed some compassion.As for Trump let’s see the tax returns.

        2. You forgot: From a Canadian company at a time when the state’s unemployment rate was close to 10%.

      2. Dear Michael:

        You did not witness any of Trump’s alleged crimes; DeMasi was proven a thief and convicted of same………he injured all of us Massachusetts residents……………….gb

  4. Forgive me for my repeat sentence in my post & not not pointing out the numerous Woman who have accused Trump of sexually assaulting them,

  5. wow. same people that complain about college kids making noise on a friday night are the first to defend a crooked politician who stole from taxpayers. only in the north end!

    1. Biased? Who is defending a crooked politician because he is from the old neighborhood? You and everyone other hypocrite on this website l. That’s who.

  6. No one here is defending Sal DiMasi’s crimes & what he was convicted of.I am applauding the decision of a very tough Federal Judge to allow a very ill man to spend whatever time he has left with his family.He more than paid for his crimes.You people need a lesson in compassion , maybe you should try visiting a church sometime you might learn something.

    1. So by that logic any murder who becomes ill should be released to spend time with his family?? Please Sal is a convicted criminal. He doesn’t deserve this pity party that is being thrown here. Again a judge decided he can be sent home I can accept that. But this rediculous notion of a welcome home party just shows how biased you are mikey

      1. Did I miss something ? I wasn’t aware that DiMasi was convicted of murder.The court order states that DiMasi must spend 6 months of home confinement upon release.So there isn’t going to be a parade down Hanover St for him anytime soon.The man served his time leave him & his family in peace.

      2. Actually one of the Pan Am bombers was allowed a compassionate release, this after murdering 250 innocent people. So to answer your question: they do allow compassionate releases for convicted murders. Also, check your current President’s clemency record as he leaves office. Far worse crimes a being granted early release and for no particular reason, except your President doesn’t trust the justice systems … or maybe he’s padding his retirement.

      3. Young resident….. have you ever met Sal? Are you aware of all he did for his constituents? If not, do not judge. Let him enjoy whatever time he has left with his family. Your comments are rude and unnecessary….no need for this !

  7. Welcome home and may you and your family have a joyous and well deserved Holiday season and cannot wait to talk to you……………Long overdue. Camille and Lou

  8. The Friends of the North End welcome home one of their own. We look forward to seeing you at our next reunion in September of 2017.

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