North End’s Aaron Michlewitz Wins Election

Aaron Michlewitz

The North End’s Aaron Michlewitz pulled out the win in a hard fought Democratic primary race for State Representative.

Michlewitz and the South End’s Susan Passoni each ran very strong campaigns and the results showed Michlewitz with 2,116 votes to Passoni’s 1,945. Lucy Rivera from Beacon Hill and Brian Ross also from the North End, received 103 and 44 votes, respectively. The details from the City’s website show a 15.21% turnout for the special primary election held on May 19, 2009.

As the Democratic candidate, Michlewitz is now the dominant favorite to fill the vacant seat formerly held by Sal DiMasi. A general election will be held on June 16 with Michlewitz facing Republican David Trumbull and Independent John Keith.

The winner will replace Sal DiMasi in the 3rd Suffolk District seat in the State legislature.