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North End’s New Moms Group Featured in Boston Magazine

New Moms Group Gathers at the Nazzaro Community Center

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a Guide to Boston Mothers’ Groups is featured in the May 2018 Boston Magazine highlighting the North End’s own New Moms Group. The feature is part of a special issue for the Most Influential People in Boston, noting that “Boston mothers’ groups have political sway, can rally their ranks at a moment’s notice, and have the power to make or break a local business with a single post.”

New Moms Group – North End / Waterfront was founded in 2012 by resident Meghan Warner Denenberg out of her condo building. At the time, she was trying to help a pregnant neighbor connect with other mothers who had babies in the neighborhood. “I just wanted to help her find some friends,” said Meghan. “Little did I know how many new moms were also looking to connect with other mothers as well.”  From then on the word spread and the New Moms Group has been going strong ever since. The group meets every Thursday morning, 10:00 a.m. at the Nazzaro Community Center (during the summer they meet at the North End Library).

Over the years they have had mothers from the North End, Waterfront, West End, Beacon Hill, Seaport and Charlestown neighborhoods.  Plus, they have had mothers who were originally from New York, Texas, California, England, Ireland, Brazil, Italy and Turkey.  Once a month they also meet for Mom’s Night Out and even Dad’s Night Out as well. Meghan continues to hunt down new mothers in the neighborhood and always keeps her eyes out for baby strollers.  She even has her own mother, Margaret, who also lives in the North End and her husband, Neil, recruit for her as well.

“Seeing these moms support each other over the years has been so rewarding,” added Meghan. She notes, “The first year of motherhood is a huge transition and can be extremely overwhelming but I have found if these new mothers meet other new moms they realize they are in the same boat and they instantly begin to form bonds with each other. The North End is a wonderful neighborhood with much support for mothers and families, if they get connected.”

Many of my new moms are still very close with the moms that they met when their babies were newborns. So the next time you see a mom with a baby, send them to the free New Moms Group website, the Facebook group or send an email to NewMomsGroupNorthEnd@gmail.com.

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  1. Well deserved recognition for Meghan … and her helpful recruiters Margaret and Neil :-). To say Meghan is a powerhouse is an understatement!

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