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North End Mom Hosted a Diaper Drive and Collected 1,150 Diapers for Low Income Families

Faria Chowdhury lives in the neighborhood and has two boys.  When her youngest son grew into the next size diaper she wondered what she could do with the remaining smaller sized diapers.  She did some research online and found an organization called  This non-profit collects unused diapers and distributes them to low income families.  Diapers are not an allowed purchase from WIC or Food Stamps. Unfortunately, countless diapers are thrown away (child outgrows the size before the package is finished, brand doesn’t fit right, etc.) or are sitting somewhere collecting dust. Their goal is to prevent diapers from being wasted and provide them to struggling families.

Faria was inspired and decided to host a “Diaper Drive”.  She is part of the North End New Moms group and asked neighborhood moms to donate diapers.  She collected over 1,150 diapers, plus numerous packs of wipes and many reward coupons which allowed them to buy even more packs of diapers and then delivered them to Diaper Circle in Brookline.  She then took it one step further and worked with the North End Library and now there is a drop off box at the library for anyone to drop off diapers for a great cause.  Please consider donating diapers in the box at the North End Library.  For more information, see or