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Historic Neighborhood Photo: Laundry Day

Photo courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

If you are a long time resident of the North End, you may remember clotheslines scattered above the neighborhood on sunny days like the one pictured above. This photo dates back to 1935 when this method was common practice!

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6 Replies to “Historic Neighborhood Photo: Laundry Day

  1. My mother hung clothes out at the small court yard at Jackson Ave. There were no Maytag Washers back then, nor were there Rowenta steam irons. Life was a bit harder then. I used to get embarrassed when she hung out those unmentionables!

    1. I attended the Paul Revere School [ long gone] on Prince St and was embarrassed to see and hear my mother yelling out the window for the oil man.Today I would give my right arm and everything I have to see and hear her yelling out that window one more time.

  2. Michael, mothers yelling out the window was a common practice. Amazing how you could hear their voice for a block or two. It was a great day when we became old enough to climb those poles or wherever to string new rope. Even today, I find myself referring to that type of rope as “clothesline” rope. Can you imagine, today, back alley or yard neighbors agreeing to your hanging rope lines to their windows.

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