Traffic backs up on Salem Street

Earlier this month, Mayor Walsh proposed a $5 million annual increase in Boston transportation spending to fund some of the projects in the Go Boston 2030 action plan, including protected bike lanes and pedestrian paths, intersection redesigns, and traffic signal advancements.

The projects will, as stated by Mayor Walsh, “create greater transportation access that is reliable and safe for all users of our city’s streets.” His announcement highlighted some of the priorities identified by constituents to be funded by this investment. Which projects do you think are the most important? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

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  1. It should be noted that when it comes to traffic light timing, safety and congestion reduction are often at odds with each other

  2. Patrick, Where there is a Will there is always a Way. The City is constantly throwing Residents aside like Dirty
    Socks when we have Valid Issues. The Residents First & then the Tourist. The City will probably wait until
    a Major Problem comes into play & then & only then will they try to correct the Problem.

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