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Maria Ciampa Receives Good Neighbor Award

Maria (Pidg) Ciampa was recently presented with the Good Neighbor Recognition Award for her efforts in keeping the North End neighborhood clean.

Maria, who is on the RUFF Board of Directors, is a lifelong resident of Snow Hill Street. She is pictured above with her two puppies, Sage (grey) and Willow (white), along with Recognition Committee Chair Janet Gilardi, who presented the award on behalf of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). Maria said,

It’s my distinct privilege to live in our little village of the North End. I believe it is also a responsibility to leave this planet better than we found it. So whether it’s my street or our new dog park; I believe we are the guardians of these little spaces in our unique community!

The monthly Good Neighbor award is voted by NEWRA’s Executive Committee and presented to local businesses, organizations and property owners that contribute to making our neighborhood beautiful and consistently keep the areas around their property clean of trash.

See previous winners of the NEWRA Clean Streets Good Neighbor Recognition Award.

7 Replies to “Maria Ciampa Receives Good Neighbor Award

  1. Thanks, Pidg
    For keeping the neighborhood and environment clean.
    Most of us have moved away, but our hearts are still

  2. What a wonderful lady to keep the area clean. More people should help out. Thank you, glad they recognize your good deeds, with love I am assuming ………

  3. Pidgie and her family have lived on Copp’s Hill for a hundred years and have always taken great pride in the neighborhood.
    She is a lovely woman and a real asset to the North End.
    Cent’anni, Pidg.

  4. Good work pidg keep up the good work, till today still my home the north end, and will always be a cousin joey

    1. Joseph, I am not quite sure of your relationship to Maria, and still trying to figure out exactly who she is. Let me introduce myself, first. My name is Vinny’Vince Sordello.
      I am an old timer (really old) who spent most of my growing up years living in the North End..49 Snow Hill Street, next door to the Ciampa home. My “best” friend was a Joseph Ciampa, who was my age (85 now) and he had a younger brother, who was my brothers age. I recall, there were three sisters who also lived at #48, whom I believe were my friends, Joe’s, fathers sisters (?). Are you by any chance that Joseph or his son ? Is Maria, one of the sisters ? After High School, I joined the military and let the North End. My parents shortly after I left moved to Everett (George & Edna). After retiring from the military, I relocated to North Carolina where I currently reside. I would love to hear from you and Maria. Best Regards, Vinny.

  5. Pidgie makes Copps Hill the safe, beautiful, friendly place it is every single day. Thank you for all you do Pidgie.
    You’re the best!

  6. Wow..finally a recognizeable name from the past. CONGRATS Marie. I am an old (very old) family neighbor who lived next to your #48. I lived at #49, pretty much all my growing up years. Watched your home being built/renovated, , back in the 40″s, I guess and was best friends to Joe, whom I assume was your nephew (?). My best recollection is of Joe and his family and his three, sister, aunts who lived there. Not sure if you are one of the sisters or a daughter. I have taken my children and several grandchildren to visit the area and always stand out front and identify your home as the Ciampa home. CONGRATS again. Vinny/Vince Sordello

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