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Reader Poll: Where Do You Find Peace & Quiet in the Neighborhood?

The Boston Globe recently compiled a list of places to find peace and quiet all over the Boston region, spanning from Newton to Andover to Canton and even Connecticut. Included on the list was the North End’s own Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway!

What places do you like to visit when searching for some peace and quiet in the North End / Waterfront neighborhood? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

11 Replies to “Reader Poll: Where Do You Find Peace & Quiet in the Neighborhood?

  1. I used to find peace and quiet at the gassy/flights until it was converted into a dog park. Now I cannot even hear myself think over there. Never mind the smell of poo.

    1. Seems like an argumentative and unhelpful comment. Living next to the gassy, I can confirm that you never had peace there between the heroin drug deals and users that set up shop or the gangs of teenagers that threw bottles and used the flights as bathrooms.

      1. I disagree. When I moved to the north end I moved across from the gassy. The neighborhood kids would party up there but they were all pretty respectful.

        I used to like to go up the flights after work when the weather was nice. Have a cigarette or cigar and just relax. Every once in awhile a few neighborhood hoodlums were up there at that time and would throw me over a beer. Most people hanging up there never bothered anybody.

        1. How about an IPod with ear buds, a stronger cigar and an Igloo cooler. Just like old times again.

  2. I miss the old abutment of the former double-deck pier that jutted out from Langone Park beyond the bocce courts. A great place to take in the view of Old Ironsides and boats on the harbor. The abutment outlived the pier by several decades, but met the same fate when Langone Park was renovated in the early 2000’s. In warm weather, the Unity Street end of The Prado is a good place to read and take in the many different visitors on the Freedom Trail, especially in the morning.

  3. I found a place down past the fish packing plants at the end of Northern Ave. I ride my bike there. It is just past the old Legal Seafood place and to the right. There is a wooden platform on the enbankment by the water. I figure the fish packers built it to hang during their breaks; once found a full six under the platform, but it was real warm so I put it back, best to bring your own. Great perch on a warm summer day. Over looks the outter harbor across from Logan, lots of boat activity. Once came up on a Boston cop blowing a joint, best to ignore that.

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