2 Replies to “Poll Results: Dog Park, Landscaping & Seating Favored Ideas for “Gassy” Flights

  1. Some dog owners have already turned the Gassy into a dog park . This weeks Regional Review featured a picture taken by a north end resident of a dog owner WITH HIS/HER DOG IN THE TOT LOT… a disgusting inconsiderate act . The owner apparently thinks it is perfectly fine. As long as some dog owners refuse to pick up after their pets and let them contaminate areas where children play the gassy and other parks (like the Little League and the other baseball fields) should be STRICTLY OFF LIMITS to dogs. With apologies to the responsible dog owners in the neighborhood…come on people…the health of children is far more important then letting Fido run free.

  2. Yes, a dog shouldn't be in a tot lot. But I think we are long overdue for a dog park. People ride bikes in Boston, even though many are irresponsible, they drink liquor, even though many are irresponsible, they throw food on the ground in the North End, attracting rats, and so on. I'm more bothered about dirty rats and their pooping in the North End than about (mostly vaccinated) family dogs getting a dog park. People won't ever behave perfectly, but the majority of dog owners are good citizens. I've taken my dog to local dog parks many times and most dog owners are conscientious and do pick up after their dogs. If they run out of bags, they get a bag from another owner.
    And I haven't heard of any child in Boston getting sick from a dog.

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