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Police Blotter: 7-Eleven Robbery, Loud Music, Auto Theft and Disturbing the Peace

Recent incidents as reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

Armed Robbery / Commercial
03/06/18       2:55am
Police officers responded to an armed robbery in progress at the 7-Eleven store at Hanover and Commercial Streets. Clerk reports two unknown male suspects displayed a handgun and knife and stole merchandise, cash register and lottery machine; suspects fled on foot. After investigation by A-1 detectives and video footage, two juvenile suspects were identified and arrested for armed robbery.

Loud Music
03/06/18    6:03am
Police officer responded to Commercial and Hanover Streets for a loud music complaint. On arrival, the officer could hear loud music, bass and talking from a possible amplified speaker coming from behind a business/garage door. The 911 caller reported she calls twice a week about the loud music coming from the business. The witness on scene addressed the complaint by turning down the music.

EMT Response – Cardiac Arrest
Police officers responded with EMT to a homeless man who died of cardiac arrest on Commercial Street.

Auto Theft
02/22/18     10:30am – 02/28/18 11:00am
Victim reports parking his 2007 Toyota Highlander on Stillman Street. When he returned several days later the vehicle had been stolen. Stolen unit notified.

Disturbing the Peace
02/26/18     9:07pm
Male suspect arrested on Commercial Street for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. Suspect was highly intoxicated and arguing with his girlfriend in the street. He became combative with officers on arrival at District A-1 during the booking process.

10 Replies to “Police Blotter: 7-Eleven Robbery, Loud Music, Auto Theft and Disturbing the Peace

  1. I walked by Commercial & Hanover Sts. There is a Spin Class in that location, but that is no excuse to have to
    disturb other residents. Fines have to be given out to those who have no regard for other residents.
    The other culprits are those that Blast their Car Radios at all different times of the days & nights. When you
    hit people in the pocket, it makes a big diffeence, especially if the fine is outrageous. People only get away
    with what you allow them to get away with. They have gotten away with quite a bit in the NO. END

  2. That spot on the corner of commercial and Hanover has no regard for anyone else. If you go by there at 6 am you would think you are walking by the palace on a Saturday night. As for the juvenile arrested, I know who he is and he has been in trouble with the law many times before. Let’s see if they decide to actually discipline him this time. They will most likely let him walk free because drug use is considered an excuse for crimes these days.

    1. Armed robbery should earn these two a stay in juvenal dentention. I’d be really surprised if you see them again any time soon. Let us know, however (no names). If something like this ends going right back to the street, then the judicial system is seriously broken.

  3. Do we know where the juveniles that were arrested live? Are they North Enders or more kids coming from the suburbs?

  4. The music coming from the spin studio’s 5:45 am class is WAY too loud for that time of the morning. The bass and vocals wake me most mornings. Most of the neighborhood is still sleeping at that hour.

  5. Hanover Neighbor, You are so right. Now let us see what the City is going to do about it. Nobody should
    ever have their sleep disturbed even if you do live in the City, No Exuses. When People move to the city
    it should never mean they are not going to be able to sleep, that’s B.S.

  6. I happened to walk by said location on a recent weekend morning when a class was in session. My immediate thought was if I ever move remind me to make sure there are no Soul Cycle type businesses nearby that pump up the music accompanied by a shouting instructor. The music is LOUD and so is the instructor and this is when windows are shut.

  7. Can’t figure out why they pay someone for a class on how to ride a stationary bicycle when there is a. free bike path across the street.

  8. The Spinning Class is a high intensity cycling workout on a stationary machine with a heavy weighted flywheel attached to the pedal. I’ve watched a class and was impressed with the stamina and strength of the people !

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