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The Monstrosity of Dog Caca

Maybe this monstrosity will help raise awareness that there is dog caca all over this neighborhood! I mean everywhere. It’s unsanitary. I am on a mission to photograph someone leaving their poop behind so I can blast their picture all over New England.

Don’t you ever even dare to look up while walking down the streets of the North End. There are dog BOMBS in every step!!!

22 Replies to “The Monstrosity of Dog Caca

  1. Gross !!!! I’m not saying I hate nor dislike dogs, but cats are just much neater and cleaner than dogs at times and that’s one example right there. One reason I don’t feel like having a dog.

  2. I agree Jennifer. I supported the creation of the neighborhood dog park in the Gassy, which I can see and hear from my apartment windows on Prince Street. What I don’t understand is how I can still find dog “cucca” all over the sidewalks near my house. These dog owners refuse to walk the hundred or so feet to the dog park? They cant pick up after their dog? It is unsanitary, embarrassing and plain gross. I guess these dog owners need to be shamed – I will join you in posting photos of these disgusting people. Jason

    1. We should post photos of those who voted to put the dog park in the gassy. A place where children used to gather and hang out. They didn’t leave “cucca” up there.

        1. Unforuntatly there are needles, broken bottles, and “cucca” all over our wonderful neighborhood. This dog park seems to be attracting an abdsurd amount of “cucca” to places all around the dog park. At least when the kids were up there they did what they did there and only there. I don’t see how posting pictures of cucky is going to shame people jason. Frankly it is disgusting. I see enough in the street and shouldn’t have to see it here. Instead of taking pictures maybe you should be a good neighbor and clean it

          1. Thanks, Big Jay. I have been cleaning it up. Almost every day. I don’t think Jay and I are looking to post more pics of poop. Just the people who think they can leave their dog poop.

          2. I am not advocating posting photos of poop, I am advocating for posting photos of the PEOPLE who are allowing their dog to poop on our sidewalks.

      1. Also, I was one of the kids, who years ago hung up the Flights. Trust me, I only hung up there when I was doing things that I didn’t want my mother to see me doing!

  3. The north end is not the only place there seems to be a invasion of dog poo,,I’ve come to the conclusion people want dogs but don’t want 5o deal with the work that comes with them,, even we’re i love there are dog bombs all over the place ,, and now that the snow is melted more surprises ,,I own a dog and I carry a small bottle of disinfectant with me so after my dog poops I spray even after he pees,,especially in summer,,some people do not deserve to own dogs if they can take care of them right ,,they aren’t novelty’s ,,they are wonderful companions who you need to clean up after

    1. I agree with you. People claim to love their dogs, but not that much. Sames as if the ever become parents; they’ll feed them and cloth them, but otherwise have nothing to do with them.

  4. I agree that getting rid of the junkies and making the flights a dog park has been great in making this part of the neighborhood safer. But it seems, based on Jadon and my experience, that dogs headed to the dog park are pooping on the way and it’s being left. This does happen every winter- as it gets cold- dog poop isn’t picked up. But this year the DAILY poop up my street leading to the dog park is out of control! City living means that we all must do our part. Ive reaches out to neighbors this morning. We have cameras andnplan to drink some wine and try to capture some screen shots tonight. It’s happeneing every day so shouldn’t be hard to find them and start posting pictures.

    1. Jennifer,

      I am not sure if you pay attention to the news or follow issues crippling this country. This country is facing a nationwide opioid crisis like never seen before. Referring to people suffering from opioid addiction as “junkies” is quite offensive. The way you speak of “getting rid of junkies” is even more offensive. They are people suffering, not pieces of garbage.

      And for the record YOU did not get rid of them. There are more and more of them suffering every single day.

      1. I fully support using state and federal resources for recovery. I don’t, however, appreciate all the discarded needles littering my street and local playgrounds which endanger my children. The situation that used to exist in the Gassy was very dangerously for all parties.

      2. With all do respect addicts are junkies and like alcoholics who refer to themselves as drunks addicts refer to themselves as junkies.In my experience I’ve found very few of them that could be described as victims.

    2. The issue is getting confused, is this a dog poop or. human junkiie poop? The flights shouldn’t be a free dog poop zone , nor should be needle park. It’s a park available to the public! The public means everybody. You should be able to bring a kid there without having them bath in dog crap or pick up dirty needles. Maybe some hard fines that are felt or maybe ax handles. I’m undecided.

  5. Should be able to spot who ever left this. Either a really big dog or some guy that smells like a toilet.

  6. I know this sounds crazy but a few other cities and towns have gone as far as getting DNA from each dog when they are licensed and when you find random feces, it’s brought in and compared to the DNA database. Then that dog owner is called on the carpet and given a fine.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    1. There was a time when I would have chuckled at your suggestion.Up to now nothing has helped to stop this problem.So why not?

  7. I have a dog and when my 12 year old son walks him, I teach him to pick up after the dog. At least 3 times a week there is dog poop in front of my North Street house. It is disgusting ! We have cameras and I am going to send all videos and pictures very soon!!! DISGUSTING FILTHY PEOPLE WITH NO RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES OR OTHERS! Please move out!

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