New Improved and Enlarged North End Library Book Sale


The Friends of the North End Public Library are pleased to announce that they have updated and improved their daily book sale program. In the past, the Friends sold books from the book shelf at the front door.  Because of the amount of books received, sometimes the books for sale were in piles and difficult to review.  Because of the popularity of the book sale and the demand for books, the Friends, with the assistance of our librarian, Jennifer Hawes, have increased the space available for books for sale by adding books to the cabinets near the back of the Library.

There is now more shelf space to show more books. You can now browse shelves of books at your leisure.  In addition, a number of the Friends volunteer each week to keep the books neat and organized by genre.

The prices of the books are still a bargain. Paperbacks are $1.00 each and five paperbacks are $4.00. Hardcover books are $2.00 each and three hardcover books are $5.00.

The Friends encourage you to drop off your extra books when you buy a book. You can very easily buy a book, read it (or not) and return it to the library to save you space at home.  Think of the book sale as really a book swap with friends you have not yet met.  Buy a book, return a book.  All the joys of book browsing and reading without the hassle of having books piled up at home.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please send an email to, or go to our website for membership and program information.