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Reader Poll: Do You Want to See Amazon Come to Boston?

At the end of last year, several news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider ranked Boston as the #2 choice for Amazon’s new headquarters.

Boston ranked as a top contender for, among other reasons, having a good “cultural fit”, but the high cost of living could be a deterrent. A recent Boston Globe article offers readers a behind the scenes look at Boston’s bid.

Bostonians who support the move highlight the 50,000 jobs it could create, while those opposed point out potential problems in adding even more people to our already stressed roads, housing, and public transportation.

What’s your opinion? Do you want to see the new Amazon headquarters come to Boston? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

Note: Web polls are not scientific, representing only those readers who choose to vote.

2 Replies to “Reader Poll: Do You Want to See Amazon Come to Boston?

  1. I think it has far more Cons than Pros. Boston’s doing just fine, we don’t need Amazon.

  2. Sky rocketing rents , sky rocketing taxes, more competive labor market leading to better paying jobs. Unless you trust funded, it’s a no brainer.

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