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Pellino’s Files for Restaurant at Former Pinkberry, 3 Snelling Pl. Addition, The Juicery Moving to Salem St. [Dec 28th ZLC Meeting Agenda]

The Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) will hold an informational meeting on Thursday, December 28th, 7:00 p.m. at the Mariner’s House, 11 North Square. There are 3 requests on the agenda:

3 Snelling Place – Fourth floor addition, roof decks, confirming occupancy as 3-family building.

283-285 Hanover Street – Owner of Pellino’s Ristorante have applied to turn the former Pinkberry location into a restuarant.

58-60 Salem Street – The Juicery has applied to move its store from Cross Street. 

View the full agenda below. All are welcome to attend.

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4 Replies to “Pellino’s Files for Restaurant at Former Pinkberry, 3 Snelling Pl. Addition, The Juicery Moving to Salem St. [Dec 28th ZLC Meeting Agenda]

  1. I never felt like this but…at this point, I’d rather have an empty store front than another sit down restaurant on Hanover St. How many is too many? Hasn’t the tipping point been reached?
    How in the world did the additional valet in front of Il Panino ever get rammed through and approved? We were promised better enforcement of resident only parking on Hanover St (a joke) as well as resident parking in what is now a construction site on Commercial St. in return for that valet license.

    I guarantee both neighborhood groups will just approve another restaurant and another expansion of a 3 family to a 4 family. Then people will complain about congestion and traffic. Don’t people see the connection?

    1. I don’t. It’s a city. If someone wants to make a run at a restaurant and build a business, why not let them? You don’t need to go there if you don’t want to. I enjoy trying new places I haven’t been to yet.

  2. Hopefully Pellino’s will put the restrooms on the Street Floor, especially since Prince St. had Restrooms on Street
    Floor & were put down the Basement, so much for the Handicap. The City has to step up to the plate again.
    Pellino’s is not the only restaurant in the No. End that got away with this. The Handicap have it a lot harder
    than you could ever imagine. Look at HP ramps in the No. End, a total Disgrace, and the City can more
    than afford to do this correctly. The tar from the street reaching the sidewalk not only looks tacky, but
    people in wheelchairs do not feel steady on these ramps. The City has no excuse whatsoever for this.
    These are the facts, like them or not.

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