The North End Community Center Study group hosted a second community meeting on Wednesday, December 6 to review the progress and program recommendations for a new or renovated building that would replace and relocate the Nazzaro Community Center.

The proposed plans introduce designated spaces for key constituents, including the general public, seniors/adults, teens, children, and also for popular activities, such as music, sports, cardio, weightlifting, and studio fitness (ie. dance, yoga).

Renovating the existing center is a possibility as well as a new site, such as the Mirabella Pool on Commercial Street, Sargent’s Wharf or the Fulton Street parking lot. An upcoming meeting will discuss site selection in more detail. Officials noted that there is a 55 ft. height limit for most buildings in the North End area.

The detailed diagrams below showcase different versions of the building based on the amount of space available.

The study is expected to wrap up in June 2018, however, a new building will not realistically be finished until at least four years from today, due to the lengthy design and construction stages that will follow.

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