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Nazzaro Center Students Write Letters to Members of the Armed Services

Twenty students in the Nazzaro Center after-school program met with two members of the Boston Host Lions Club over the course of two days to write letters to members of the armed forces as part of a service project.

Lion Felix Padial and Norman Sabbey told the students how much receiving a letter form “home” means to our armed service members abroad.

At the first meeting, Felix and Norman discussed with the students the subjects that could be included in their letters and each student prepared a draft. At the next meeting, the Lions members discussed the letters with each student and then had the students write their letters on a stationary note card.

A student proudly shared a response she received from the previous time the Lions ran this program. The letter was from a National Guard member in the Middle East who thanked the student for writing and told her that the letter meant a great deal to her.

The Boston Lions would like to thank Laura D’Elia, program supervisor of the Nazzaro Center, for her assistance in setting up this program. For more information about the Boston Host Lions, please contact Marvin Bodden at Marvin is the president of the Boston Host Lions Club. More information can be found on the club’s webpage.