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Super Yacht Watch: 305-Foot “Mayan Queen IV” Docks in Boston

It has been a super yacht summer in Boston Harbor, with another 300 foot-plus vessel docking in town for a visit. This week brings the Mayan Queen IV, the 37th largest yacht in the world, to Boston Yacht Haven at Commercial Wharf.

Mayan Queen IV docked at Boston Yacht Haven (NEWF photo)

Emblazoned with a giant “B” on the side, the Mayan Queen IV super yacht is owned by Alberto Baillères, an 85-year-old Mexican billionaire who made a fortune in mining silver. Baillères has not been seen onboard the boat.

The Mayan Queen IV was built in 2008 with an estimated $140 million value (superyachtfan.com). The yacht features two pools with eight suites sleeping sixteen and a 24-man crew who live in twelve cabins. Its home port is Grand Cayman with a stern label of George Town.

It has been high season for the super yachts in Boston, with the Mayan Queen IV sitting alongside several smaller yachts. Its arrival also comes recently after the 315-foot Vava II visited in early July.

Gossip in the North End is that the crew likes being close to the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Tenoch, on Lewis Street, rating it as the best Mexican food among the East Coast ports.

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