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A Generous Heart and A Generous Smile

I cannot even imagine what it was like when 44,000 people lived in the North End, more than four times our current population. We always come a little closer to that experience on September 1st. An endless parade of people winding up and along stairs and streets with boxes held high like the frantic activity within a child’s plastic ant farm. When I crossed Hanover at Charter on that day, I saw Robert Dello Russo with an American Flyer type wagon filled with ice and packed with bottles of water. He was accompanied by two of those delightfully cute angelic little girls who grace the North End. Robert was giving out water to every exhausted person whose path he crossed, refreshing their spirits during a stressful and demanding moving day. Robert is one of those quintessential North End young men who preserves the welcoming traditions of our culture.
Grazie Robert!

14 Replies to “A Generous Heart and A Generous Smile

  1. Oh, cmon. This is a marketing stunt. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s not confuse this guy with Mother Theresa.

  2. Some people just love to start controversy. If you don’t have anything good to say, do us all a favor and don’t say anything. Let’s say for the sake of argument is was a marketing stunt, at least he gave out water to those who needed it. He could have just drove around with signs and not gave out the water.

  3. Why the cynicism? Please see the good side of human nature and we’ll all be better for it.

  4. All I am saying is that it had nothing to do with a good deed. The water bottles, the shirts, and the wagon are all emblazoned with his businesses name and logo. Please just call it what it is.

  5. Robert is a wonderful man and the girls are my beautiful granddaughters who enjoyed showing kindness to people. It was a great idea!

  6. I agree, a great idea. And if he gets some advertising in, good for him! It was kind and showed good will-we sure need it these days.


    1. Exactly. It’s a generous act with a little publicity as a bonus, not to mention being a positive experience for the kids.

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