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Police Blotter: Assault and Scooter Larceny

These are the notable recent incidents on the Boston Police District A-1 Journal Log. 

Aggravated Assault & Battery
07/05/17      5:45pm

Police officers responded to Commercial St. for a Assault and Battery report. Victim and suspect were sitting on a bench in front of the building when an argument ensued. At this time the suspect threw the victim to the ground and kicked the victim before fleeing back into the Commercial St. building.

Larceny  (Scooter)
06/29/17   3:30am

Witness reports 2 unk. males on a green scooter came up Parmenter St the wrong way . At this time one of the suspects got off the scooter and went over and sat on a black ( Shanghai Meitian ) parked on Parmenter St then broke the fork lock and duck walked the scooter down the street.