BUILDing Forward exhibition opens at BSA Space on July 24

BUILDing Forward (July 24–October 6, 2017), an exhibition sponsored by the Autodesk BUILD Space, explores the innovation around ‘making’ in the building and infrastructure industries—both material fabrication and larger construction.

The exhibition demonstrates the future of making and the radical changes in the way things are designed, made, and used in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields. BUILDing Forward introduces this future as an opportunity to craft a new collective understanding of what’s possible in our built environment: how people design, make, and work together.

Through a series of artifacts from prototypes of timber towers to studies on the form and function of glass created in the Autodesk BUILD Space, as well as programs and events, BUILDing Forward addresses three key themes: the shift experienced by the design industry, the blurring line between architect and builder, and how technology is helping designers to create buildings and infrastructure that are socially and physically connected, sustainable, resilient, and beautiful.

Exhibition visitors are encouraged to examine the future of building via exhibition artifacts and project examples from Autodesk’s BUILD Space. Interactive workshops featuring simple robotics offer visitors the opportunity to experience new fabrication methods and design options.

Additional programs include networking receptions, talks from industry innovators, and opportunities to learn first-hand the processes that shape our design decisions.