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Boston Harbor [Re]Creation Art Exhibit Opens

At the end of June, Boston Harbor Now launched “Boston Harbor [re]creation”, a visual arts program featuring the works of selected artists-in-residence and sculptors displayed on Spectacle and Peddocks Island. This is part of a series of events on the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park this summer that will demonstrate the many benefits of supporting, exploring and investing in Boston Harbor.

Here are some photos of the art installation, courtesy of Boston Harbor Now. The exhibit is open throughout the summer and free to the public.

Julie Burros, Boston Chief of Arts and Culture, Karin Goodfellow, Director of the Boston Art Commission, and other visitors admire the translucent, oversized samara installation.
Kristen Wyman, Co-Leader of Fish Weir installation and daughter. Nipmuc, Massachuset and Wampanoag tribes collaborated to create the piece as a way to introduce park visitors to the very unique relationship of Eastern Woodland peoples to the coastal environment of the Massachusetts Bay.
Josh Falk, Artist, with his installation “Give,” a tree wind chime. He created the piece with found Norway maple saplings layered to create a dense, bark-like look, hung with “leaf” sections of Japanese knotwood that make a hollow acoustic sound.

Alice Brown of Charlestown enjoys “Give,” an exhibit at Boston Harbor Now’s [re]creation on Peddocks Island.
See a full list of Boston Harbor Now’s summer programming here.

About Boston Harbor Now:
Boston Harbor Now was founded in 2016 as a merger between The Boston Harbor Association and Boston Harbor Island Alliance. Boston Harbor Now, in partnership with public agencies, communities, and private and non-profit partners, is working to re-establish Boston as one of the world’s truly great coastal cities.