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Rowes Wharf Requests Environmental Review Opinion on Maritime Float Project

Equity Office’s Rowes Wharf has requested an advisory opinion from the State’s Environmental regulator, MEPA, regarding whether or not a replacement, repair and expansion of a maritime float project would require further environmental review. A letter was sent on March 9, 2012 from Fort Point Associates, Jamie Fay, the consultant representing the project proponent.

The proposed project will increase the float area by 3,420 sf. This project exceeds the MEPA review threshold by increasing the size of a pile supported or bottom‐held structure by more than 2,000 sf of base area. However, we believe this project qualifies as a replacement project to which the review thresholds do not apply (301 CMR 11.03). This project proposes an overall increase of less than 10% of the total float area within the Rowes Wharf marina and water transportation facility.

Read the full letter (pdf) as published in the March 21st issue of the Environmental Monitor.