Ed Flynn for District 2 Boston City Council at Ward 3 Candidates Night

Ed Flynn, running for District 2 City Council, spoke at the Ward 3 Democratic Committee’s Candidates Night on Wednesday, June 21st. Flynn was the first of four District 2 candidates to speak that evening.

Flynn, a father of two, has been a resident of South Boston for his whole life. He spends his time as a youth sports coach, veteran’s advocate, and community activist. Flynn is a member of the Citywide Neighborhood Association, South Boston Citizen’s Association, Ward 7 Democratic Committee, and the VFW Fitzgerald Post. Flynn describes himself as an “Active Boston Public Schools parent at the Josiah Quincy School in Chinatown,” on his Facebook page. He also has served in the Persian Gulf on two deployments on active duty, as well as overseas in the Navy Reserves.

Flynn believes that the city needs to build more affordable housing and workforce housing. When talking about the issue, he said, “The city council has a great relationship with the mayor, and they are doing that [creating affordable housing] right now. I’d like to be a part of that change as well.”

Flynn states in the video, “It’s not about helping the wealthy, but it’s about helping the poor, it’s about helping the needy, the elderly. Treating everybody fairly,  treating everybody with respect and dignity, that’s what I’ve done my entire life.”

Earlier this year when the organizers for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade voted against allowing OutVets, a group for gay veterans, to walk in the parade, Flynn opposed their decision. With support from the community, the mayor, the governor, and Flynn, the organizers of the parade decided to allow OutVets to be a part of the parade. You can see more about Flynn’s thought on this topic at (13:10) in the video above.

Watch the video of Ed Flynn at the Ward 3 Candidates Night for full coverage. You can find out more information about Flynn on his Facebook Page.

Candidates running for District 2 City Council include: Michael Kelley (Endorsed by Ward 3 Democrats), Ed Flynn, Corey Dinopoulos, Peter Lin-Marcus, and Joseph Kebartas. District 2 includes Downtown, South Boston, and the South End. The preliminary election will be on September 26th, 2017. The two candidates selected from that election will appear on the general municipal election ballot on November 7th, 2017.

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