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Stephen Passacantilli and Michael Kelley Endorsed by Ward 3 Democratic Committee

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, The Ward 3 Democratic Committee held Candidates Night for Boston City Council at the Nazzaro Center. The Committee voted to endorse Stephen Passacantilli for District 1 City Councilor with a vote of 22 to 1. The Committee also endorsed Michael Kelley for District 2 City Councilor with a vote of 20 to 1, with two abstentions.

There are three candidates running for District 1, and five candidates running for District 2.

District 1:

  • Lydia Edwards
  • Margaret Farmer
  • Stephen Passacantilli (Endorsed by Ward 3 Democrats)

District 2:

  • Corey Dinopoulos
  • Ed Flynn
  • Joseph Kebartas (Not Present at Candidates Night)
  • Michael Kelley (Endorsed by Ward 3 Democrats)
  • Peter Lin-Marcus

Jason Aluia, the Ward 3 Chairman, announced there would be a Candidates Night in September for City Councilor at Large and for Mayor of Boston. Check back on Northendwaterfront.com and on the Ward 3 Democrats Facebook page in the coming months for information on that event.

Ward members and delegates live throughout Ward 3, which includes the North End, Waterfront, West End, Financial District, Beacon Hill, Downtown, Bulfinch Triangle, South End, Chinatown and the Leather District.

Follow us for more on all of the candidates who came to speak at Candidates Night. For more information on the Ward 3 Democratic Committee, please contact Ward 3 Chairman Jason Aluia at WardThreeDem@gmail.com or call 617-447-4987.