Sal LaMattina Endorses Passacantilli for City Council

News from the office of District 1 City Council candidate, Stephen Passacantilli:

Stephen Passacantilli with Councilor Sal LaMattina and daughter Grace

Stephen Passacantilli, a North End civic leader and Boston Public Schools parent running for District 1 City Council has been endorsed by City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina.  LaMattina has represented Charlestown, East Boston, and the North End on the City Council since 2006.

Passacantilli has also been endorsed by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, the North End/Waterfront’s Ward 3 Democratic Committee, and numerous other local organizations and unions.

Councilor LaMattina said, “I am excited to support Stephen Passacantilli to be District 1’s next City Councilor. Stephen has done the job and he has both the heart and the experience to deliver for East Boston, Charlestown, and the North End. There is no one more passionate and better prepared to fight for our neighborhoods than Stephen Passacantilli, and I will proudly be casting my vote for him on Tuesday.”

Passacantilli said, “Having the support of Sal LaMattina – someone who has done this job for more than a decade – means the world to me.  Both Sal and Aaron Michlewitz live here and work on our behalf every day, and it is an honor having their backing.  On the City Council, I will work collaboratively with neighbors, local businesses, and our elected officials to ensure that residents of the North End, Charlestown, and East Boston have a great quality of life and responsive constituent services.

Many know Passacantilli from his years of public service across Boston. He is a lifelong resident of the North End where he has been deeply involved as past president of his local civic association and through local charities and community organizations like North End Against Drugs (NEAD) and the North End Beautification Committee. Passacantilli is also an active Boston Public Schools parent and serves on the board of the Gavin Foundation.

Passacantilli and his wife, Renée, are raising their two children, Grace and Evan, just around the corner where he grew up in the North End.

6 Replies to “Sal LaMattina Endorses Passacantilli for City Council

  1. That’s the difference between the candidates. Stephen is from here, he lives here and is not some new comer who just started to take an interest in the North end, Charlestown and East Boston because they are running for office. Stephen is the only candidate I have seen who has actually done things in the community and for the residents before he even thought about running. I’ll take the candiadate who has and plans to continue to live in our neighborhoods with their family, Ill be voting for your neighbor and mine Stephen Passacantilli.

  2. I respectfully disagree with my good neighbor Jason. When one speaks of passion and prepartion , nothing can compare to Lydia Edwards. A child of a single mother, who was a veteran, she was awarded a law degree from American University and a Masters in tax from BU. While these achievements in themselves, reflect a singular focus, dedication and hard work, Lydia will be the first to credit the importance of community, which enables individuals to succeed. Maybe this is why she has embrassed a mission of paying it forward. She has worked as a legal aid attorney , cofounded the East Boston Soup Kitchen, and most recently was working for the Mayor in The Office of Housing Stability. This is the person I see representing the communities of district 1.

    As a 20 Year resident of the North End, I regretfully have to say that I have not seen Stephen champion the needs of the North Enders, nor be a liason, or remediate for neighbors in difficult situations, when he was in a position to do so, a the president of the civic association.

    You do not have to be a ” Life long resident ” to appreciate what communities need, to maintain a quality of life, and to thrive.
    You need to have a inclusive vison and be able to bring everyone to the table, and that is what I believe, Lydia Edwards will do.
    She will have my vote on Tuesday.

  3. All I was saying is; I have never seen the other 2 candidates before they wanted to run for office. Funny when you point out a truth the response is always very long in telling you how how wrong you are and always look over here at what they have done. Which always tells me one thing, I was right. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I am not here for political debate or talk about new comers vs old school neighborhood people, but to say that Stephen has not championed the needs of our community is just not true.

    Not very long ago it was announced that the North End Nursing Home on Fulton St would be shut down. The most needy people in our community were going to be thrown out and relocated to an area unknown to them or their families. There would be no more place for long term care or rehabilitation in our community.

    Stephen fought hard for our community on this issue. He fought hard on the front line and behind the scenes to make sure our neighborhood did not lose a place that takes care of our most vulnerable. We as a community won that battle. We got to keep our nursing home.

    Stephen, as well as others, was their for our most vulnerable and he has my support

  5. Here’s what I’m looking for in a city councilor: someone who’s an independent thinker with the experience in public policy, integrity, compassion and intelligence to necessary to represent the interests of all the people of my district. That person is Lydia Edwards.

    But don’t just believe me, look at all the endorsements she’s received from a variety of well-respected organizations that are looking for the same things.

    If what you’re looking for is someone who’s qualifications are: lives in your neighborhood, is friends with the mayor, Jason saw him at the Feast, and he knows how we play the game around here, then your candidate is Steve Passacantilli.

    But don’t just believe me, look at who’s endorsed him: his predecessor and the insular ward committees who decided it was his turn — and a precious few other orgs aligned with the mayor. So, if you love Marty Walsh, and you’re fine with Jason and the demographic super-minority of “Real North Enders” continuing to make decisions for the 90% of us in this district they consider “outsiders”, your choice is clear. I’m hoping for something better.

    The balance on Boston’s city council is finally starting to tip away from the patronage and score-settling and machine politics that have held us back. We’re getting closer to having a city council that can make smart decisions, based on experience, depth of understanding and innovative ideas that can move Boston forward for everyone. Let’s keep moving in the right direction.

  6. Thats funny you call her an independent thinker. Lets take her transportation plan. She calls for water shuttles, great idea to bad Sal Lamattina already proposed that. Ok whats next Ok she calls for visiting nurses to get temp parking passes, another great idea; Oh wait Josh Zakim already proposed that as well. Lets see the last thing for residents to be involved in the process another great idea. The problem with that one residents have been involved in the process. I know she is new to being involved in the neighborhoods but since Menino there have been neighborhood councils now Marty has IAG’s. So explain to me on Transportation how she is an independent thinker ??? Seems to just take other peoples ideas and spins them as her own just like i am sure the multiple responses you will spin in response to my comment.

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