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North End Resident to Play Concert at Hard Rock Cafe

Joe Nicholson, a proud resident of the North End for the last five years, will be playing a show at the Hard Rock Café in Faneuil Hall on Saturday, June 10th at 8:00 p.m.

Nicholson has been playing guitar and singing at community gatherings and on the streets of the North End since he arrived. Due to his multicultural upbringing in the suburbs of Boston, Joe concentrates on Brazilian music, but also plays in English, Spanish and Italian. When Joe studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, he saw firsthand the magic of samba and realized that music was his life’s passion. With the help of his wife and teacher Juliana, Joe is now fluent in Portuguese and plays a number of different Brazilian genres in a very authentic and skillful manner.

Though he has been heavily influenced by other cultures, Nicholson has never let go of his passion for American music, and has a hearty repertoire of Blues, Jazz, Folk, and other classic American genres. Joe has achieved success in using his multicultural background to inform the way he plays on the stage, marveling his audiences with flawless transitions between languages and rhythms from around the world on his nylon-string acoustic guitar.

Joe recently opened a show for a crowd of 1,500 that included the likes of Tom Brady and his wife Gisele for the Latin-Grammy nominee Maria Gadu in Medford. He has been interviewed by newspapers, radios and television stations as a result of his success.