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Nazzaro Center Presents the Play “Clue”

Nazzaro Center Presents “Clue”
Wednesday May 24, 2017
6:00 pm
Improv Asylum (216 Hanover Street)
Tickets are FREE

Six guests attend a dinner party, hosted by a butler and a maid, each guest using a colourful pseudonym.They are all connected in some secret, humiliating manner. They are all also being blackmailed. When the blackmailer arrives, the butler reveals he arranged the evening, with the intention being to kill the blackmailer with the help of his guests. But when the blackmailer turns the tables on them, he says that unless they kill the butler, their secrets will be exposed. The lights go out, and the blackmailer is killed – but by who? And how?

Cast Members
Wadsworth (Butler): Mira Yu
Yvette (Maid): Trinity Martignetti
Mrs. Ho (The Cook) & Singing Telegram Girl Anneliese Yu
Colonel Mustard: Elena D’Elia
Miss Peacock: Libbah Israel
Mr. Green: Steven Griffin
Ms. Scarlet: Fiona Shine Duncan
Professor Plum: Daniel Scibelli
Mr. Boddy: Danna Shamon
Motorist: Coco Mendoza
Cop: Grace Passacantilli
The Voice & Murderer: John Gray

Directed by Laurie D’Elia and Nicholas Verrocchi