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Landmarks Commission Demolition Delay on Cross Street Properties Ends in June

The Boston Landmarks Commission voted to invoke a 90-day demolition delay regarding the buildings on Cross Street between Hanover and Salem (198 Hanover St., 60 Cross St. and 53 Salem St.).

The BLC informed the applicant, Charter Realty, that the delay could be lifted early if they make some alterations to the proposed design to make it more sensitive to the North End location. Two of the three properties are over 50 years old, which automatically triggers BLC review. To date, Charter Realty has not adjusted its design and continues to plan for a modern, 2-story,5,500 square feet development that would span from Hanover Street to Salem Street.

The delay is all the commission has the authority to do, so there will be no more BLC hearings. If the applicant does not agree to make changes, they will still be able to demolish the structures after June 2017.

Proposed Cross Street Plaza at Hanover – Aerial View (Charter Realty Image)

H/T to Victor Brogna for forwarding this information!

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5 Replies to “Landmarks Commission Demolition Delay on Cross Street Properties Ends in June

    1. Let’s not pretend that the current buildings are underappreciated gems. They look like crap, and the Bread + Butter space has been vacant for years.

  1. Let them redevelop and fill in the retail. The vacant spaces add nothing to the neighborhood and the current buildings resemble nothing like what exists in the North End. That part of the neighborhood could use a fresh face.

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