Arts & Culture Event Notices

World Labyrinth Day & Public Art Celebration at Armenian Heritage Park on Saturday, May 6

2017 Configuration of the Abstract Sculpture (Matt Conti photo)
Celebrate Public Art!
Park’s Abstract Sculpture & Labyrinth
Saturday, May 6 at 12:45pm
1:00 pm  
World Labyrinth Day: 
Walk as One in Peace & Harmony
At 12:45 pm, introduction to walking a labyrinth.
1:30 pm
Reception to View the Abstract Sculpture 
2017 Configuration * 
Jared Bowen
WGBH Executive Arts Editor and
Host, Open Studio
Tea & Desserts 
hosted by
MEM Tea Imports & Eastern Lamejun Bakers
*  Annually in early April, a crane lifts and pulls apart the two halves of the 
Abstract Sculpture, a split rhomboid dodecahedron made of steel and aluminum, 
to create a new sculptural shape, symbolic of all who were pulled away from their country of origin and came to these Massachusetts shores, 
establishing themselves in new and different ways. 
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