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Suspects Sought in Vinoteca Di Monica Break-in & Mike’s Pastry Robbery

There have been two troubling thefts this week of high profile North End businesses.

On Monday, a Mike’s Pastry employee was robbed on Hanover Street while bringing nearly $10,000 in cash to the Citizens Bank across the street. Boston Police have street camera video (see below) of the robbery and continue to investigate the brazen theft from the famously cash-only establishment.

On Wednesday morning, a white man broke into Vinoteca Di Monica Restaurant at 143 Richmond Street stealing $250 from a cash register. Boston Police released images of a suspect from surveillance video.

A restaurant employee at Vinoteca di Monica stated that, upon opening the restaurant, he noticed that the establishment had been broken into and robbed. Officers observed damage to a rear door, believed to be the point of entry, as well as damage to a cash register inside the restaurant.

It is not clear if the two incidents are related. Video from both incidents is shown in the clip below.

The Boston Police Department is actively reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding these incidents. Anyone with any information is strongly urged to contact detectives assigned to District A-1 at (617) 343-4248.

21 Replies to “Suspects Sought in Vinoteca Di Monica Break-in & Mike’s Pastry Robbery

  1. No Heather, Metrowest is not kidding. I can attest to that. The mob found the culprits long before the police
    could catch them, and they didn’t have Cameras back then. Unless you lived here during that time you can’t
    comment. By the way Heather, the Mob had somewhat of a relationship with the Police and would try to
    give them info pertaining to whatever problems were going on in the neighborhood. It may sound strange to
    you, but it is true.

    1. “the mob somewhat had a relationship with the police”!! Sounds like real a real stand up criminal enterprise. But growing up in this neighborhood my observations of the mafia were observations of extortion and murder! My observations were also noticing that not many of them had balls unless they had a gun and twenty guys behind them! Joan of Arc please stop degrading a neighborhood that was filled with good hard working people. The mafia (or what I call the LAFIA) represented a very small percentage of this great neighborhood. The North End is still the safest and most desired neighborhood in the city! One more mafia memory. I remember when they use to help someone get a job and then take a piece of their paycheck! Real honorable men. Wait one more….wait at someone’s house on pay day and take his “entire” check because he owed a gambling debt!

      1. Alexander the Great, I never degrade the neighborhood, I just state the facts.
        I feel bad for those that gambled & had to pay up, but if you don’t pay your
        mortgage the bank takes your home, and if you don’t pay your taxes, you pay a
        fine & possibly lose your home, and go to jail. The bottom line is if you play with fire you will
        get burnt. The government & mafia have a lot in common. There are quite a few
        people in jail because they didn’t have a dream team to represent them & they
        were innocent. I know there were honorable, hard working people in this
        neighborhood & I also know there were politicians who were illegally selling
        liquor & got away with it. It’s not what you know, it is who you know.
        People paid to get jobs in our court houses & are still paying for jobs. I love this
        neighborhood, but don’t think for 1 minute people are not getting paid off for 1
        reason or another. It is not fair, but it does exist. My answer is not Crime, it
        is fairness & more important the “truth” & when you find this, please let me know.

        1. I think you’ve lost your focus. This article was about crime in “todays” neighborhood. And you’re suggestion was bringing in criminals (mafia). How does “fairness & more important the “truth” ” fit with that narrative? Please try to stay on topic.

          1. I say whatever I want & whenever I want. If you don’t think I am
            staying on the topic, this is your opinion, which you are totally
            entitled to. I am not here to try to please anyone. I just call it the
            way I see it & if the entire world thought I was incorrect & I didn’t,
            that is all that matters to me. We happen to be surrounded by
            corruption & it started long before the mafia came into the

      2. The difference is, this guy broke in through the backdoor and the mob comes in through the front. They wouldn’t let some guy in on their take.

  2. DrewNE thank you for clarifying things for our neighbor. Joan of Arc I apologies. The mafia were wonderful people!

  3. I never said the mafia were wonderful people, but neither were those that were in the political arena all that
    wonderful, maybe you forgot, but I will never forget Alexander. Why don’t you try reading about the
    60’s era & how the mafia was called upon in Chicago to get votes. Politics & Mafia & then the elected politicians
    turned on the mafia after they helped them get what they wanted, the VOTES. How nice was that
    Alexander the Great? I don’t know about you or Drew, but I call that the “truth”, like it or not.

  4. Stop making up these comments. They are very entertaining but someone may believe the comments come from real people!

    1. Chris, so sorry to disappoint you, but it would be a cold day in hell that I would make up such a thing.

      I thrive on the truth & these stories are not made up, check it out & you will be entertained like never before.

  5. Umm, how about whether anyone recognizes the guy as opposed to debating now vs then??

    I never see police in the North End. My guess is all of our tax dollars are going to subsidize law enforcement in other parts of the city. That is BS. Residents and business owners need to make it known we EXPECT more police and if we don’t get it, we should elect local pols who will do their job. Our population should dictate we deserve to have 2-3 full time cops. Our ECONOMIC output should dictate 2-3x that. Business owners should be furious.

  6. CRH You are absolutely right. We have thousands of people coming into the No. End from all over the
    world & yet there is not enough police protection. Tito Jackson could be the answer.

    Bob, The mafia specialized in Bike Lanes, you just weren’t around to see it. Just joking, it didn’t matter at the

    1. I really think folks should pepper our local city councillors and let them know we are holding them accountable for an increased police presence. I don’t give a rat’s you know what about their excuses, particularly if Tito Jackson is to credit. We pay our taxes & these business owners bust their tails, so enough is enough. I am going to make a point of trying to attend the next public security meeting.

      Separately, I am comically trying to picture a mafia guy tracking this guy down to break a leg or two to only stop and stare at his plaid deer shirt. Given its something my dead grandmother would have worn, said mafia guy may even have pitty on this freak show! “Whattya doin’ man??? What’s you’re name, the ‘Plaided Deer Caper’??”

  7. OK. Despite the picture, the guy has never been caught? I would guess that he is not local. My guess from Maine or New Hampshire where he would blend in.

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