New Logo for Wharf District Council Communicates Mission

The Wharf District Council has rolled out a new website and logo. WDC President, Susanne Lavoie commented on the logo as part of a multiphased branding effort for 2017:

“Our new logo represents all that we are: a harborside community of residents and businesses within the most energy-efficient city in the United States.”

The three icons in the logo show the various sides of the Wharf District Council. First, the iconic buildings in the area in a skyline image.

Next, the water icon takes the center spot to reflect Boston Harbor and all its related water activities, both commercial and recreational, as well as the harbor experience and the views.

Lastly, the environmental nature of the WDC is shown in the leaf icon to reflect Boston’s “greenovation” and sustainability initiatives. It also symbolizes parks and providing accessible open spaces to those who live, work, and visit.

The WDC is hoping this new logo encourage members of the Wharf District to join in supporting and improving our community. See for more information.

One Reply to “New Logo for Wharf District Council Communicates Mission

  1. Nice logo but I don’t see the point in gerrymandering the North End/Waterfront into ever smaller parcels. I hope the various neighborhood organizations can work together and not just protect their own turf.

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