Community Government

Wharf District Council Hears From Police, Block Party & Greenway

Highlights of the Wharf District Council (WDC) Meeting held on Tuesday, May 19, 2015:

Jerry Wyner, WDC President opened the meeting and made introductions.

Boston Police Department, District 1 Monthly Update – Captain Fong, Sergeant Chin, & Office Boyle and MBTA Transit Police Lieutenant/Commander Christopher Maynard.

  • Captain Fong discussed police activities in the neighborhood. With the exception of a few minor problems on Long Wharf and a few car break-ins in garages, crime is down. Still dealing with homeless and panhandling in front of convenient stores. He urged people to call 911 when they see quality of life problems.   Traffic issues during rush hours continue.
  • Lieutenant/Commander Maynard updated the WDC on the MBTA’s positive record.

Glynn Hospitality Group sponsoring a Block Party on Central Street on Thursday, June 18, 2015 – Paul Wilson from President Glynn Hospitality Group.

  • This Block Party is held every year with the proceeds going to local charities. The event will close Central Street from noon to 11PM, the event is 5 PM to 10PM.
  • The event is aimed at young professionals. There will be live music and a DJ. Council members were assured that there will be adequate security including four police details and additional portable toilets near the entrance.
  • They requested a letter of support. This was approved during executive session.

Greenway Conservancy Events Schedule for the Wharf District Parks – Michael Nichols, Community Affairs & Strategic Projects Manager

  • Michael covered the summer schedule which included: Summer Movie Night Series partnering with Coolidge Corner theatre on Tuesdays to be held on Wharf District Park Parcel 16; Block Party Series on Dewey Square Park on Wednesday; Farmers Market weekly on Dewey Square Park; Open Market on the Wharf District Parks on Saturdays; and Young Professions Event in June.
  • They requested a letter of support. This was approved during executive session.

The meeting also included a presentation by Joanne Hayes-Rines on Preserve Boston’s Waterfront. More information will be included in a separate post.