Community Event Notices

Wharf District Council Minutes: Northern Ave Bridge, 110 Broad St., Greenway Ramps, Crime and Rep. Michlewitz

Wharf District Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Marriott Long Wharf Ballroom
296 State Street 

The meeting covered the following:

  • Representative Aaron Michlewitz updated the Council on eight MA House Legislative Proposals for the 2015-2016 Session. Council members were most interested in Short –Term Residential Rentals, a Boston Olympic Commission, Tunnel Safety and Fines for License Violations. Representative Michlewitz answered questions and provided a handout with details on each proposal.
  • Boston Police Department Officer Ted Boyle updated the Council on police activity in the Wharf District. Highlights included assaults involving drunken bar patrons at Coogan’s and on State Street; fighting at 70 East India and 7 Central Street; and stolen property including laptops in several offices and a backpack in the Granary Tavern.
  • Central Artery Ramp Parcel Study on Greenway Parcels 6, 12 and 18 in order to come up with potential ramp cover alternatives. Lauren Shurtleff from the BRA, John Romano from MassDOT and their consultants gave a presentation on the study results to date, showing a number of alterative designs for each parcel. These designs would increase the plantings, enhance the space and provide walking paths. The planning process should take about one and half years. The presentation is available on the BRA website. The next public meeting is on April 15, 2015.
  • The 110 Broad Street Project, presented by representatives from New Boston Ventures, LLC, is an 83,500 sf building with 40 residential units, café and parking garage for 35 cars. The site contains two existing buildings. One building, the historic Bulfinch Building at 102 Broad Street, will be restored and serve as the residential lobby and residential space. The second, a five-story building at 110-112 Broad Street will be demolished to allow for construction of a new residential building with ground floor commercial/café space.   The WDC voted to support this project.
  • Northern Avenue Bridge Strategic Planning Study was presented by Susanne Lavoie. In January 2015 a committee was established to provide design recommendations on this century old bridge, currently closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It is in an “open” position to meet the needs of navigational traffic and US Coast Guard requirements. The condition of the bridge does not allow it to remain in the open position indefinitely, as it is in danger of collapsing into the water sheet. Thus, it is imperative that decisive action be taken now. . Six options were shown to Council members.   The Council voted to send a letter of support for the Rehabilitated and Movable one-barrel bridge option.
  • Next Wharf District Council meeting April 21.