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Celebrating Saint Joseph’s Day!

Zeppole variations at Mike’s Pastry (NEWF Photo)

Did you have your St. Joseph’s Day zeppole?

St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish tend to get the most attention this week in Boston. But, as those revelers recover you will find plenty of recognitions in the North End for March 19th as Saint Joseph’s Day. In addition to church services, many will stop in the pastry shops for a famous Italian zeppole.

St. Joseph is also honored for saving Sicily from famine in the Middle Ages. Many still prepare a traditional St. Joseph’s Table to recreate a Sicilian feast with specialties such as sfinge, zeppole, breads and fava beans.

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  1. Happy belated St.Josephs Day! Couldn’t get zeppoli in Colorado but I do have fond memories celebrating St Joseph traditional dinner with my family and friends who came from the town of Riesi Sicily where St. San Guiseppe originated from. My Grandparents my dear Mother Tina Guiliano,Theresa Piazza and Family Belinda, It was a play,each had a part if anyone remembers pleace post Thanks p.s I think it was a house on Hanover Ave One person played St Joseph,another St.Mary and also The baby Jesus.

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