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Photo Help for New Book by Anthony V. Riccio, “From Italy to the North End”

Anthony V. Riccio is putting on the finishing touches on a new book, titled “From Italy to the North End”. This book of 236 photographs will tell the visual story of Italian immigration from the villages of Italy to the streets of the North End.

There are a few last people he is looking to confirm their identities, shown in the following photos. If you know these people, please include a comment below.

Do you know this man in the window above? If so, please leave a comment below.

This man above was photographed on Parmenter Street in 1980. Please leave a comment below if you know his name.

If you know the name of this meat market from Salem Street, leave a comment below.

“From Italy to the North End” by Anthony V. Riccio will be available in print later this Spring, featuring photographs from 1972-1982. Anthony will also be giving a book talk on June 10th, 10 a.m. at 9 Hull St. (former visitors center) sponsored by the North End Historical Society.

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12 Replies to “Photo Help for New Book by Anthony V. Riccio, “From Italy to the North End”

  1. It has been awhile, but wasn’t that Paul’s Butcher Shop. I remember going to the shop as a child with my father. I always remember the butcher because he had fingers missing. Not 100% sure.

  2. The first photo of the man carrying the basket was not taken on Parmenter St. He is walking on Hanover St. near the laundromat. The old “Boston I” grocery store is behind him on the left.

  3. The photo with the mailboxes is at 22 Sheafe. It was the Cutone Family Home. It housed the families of Michele and Filomena (my Pa & Ma), Salvatore and Elviera, (aunt & uncle) and Pasquale and Sabina Cutone, who all came to Boston in 1967.
    The patriarch of the family was our great uncle Clemente and his wife Clementina, who had been here since the 1930’s. Their son Benny went on to be the president of the Local 22 Labors Union in the late 1960’s and ’70’s.

    1. Vincent,

      I knew Michele well, and I’d see him just about everyday, either on the street or at our drop-in center; there’s a photo of him in the book standing on the corner of Prince and Hanover, (in front of Burden’s) talking with all his Abbruzesse piasani

  4. Another guess on the butcher shop: DiNuzio’s across from N. Bennet St. He had the sheep skins hanging outside on hooks. He butchered hos own sheep.Anthony Prezio

  5. The name of the butcher shop was Addonizzio if I remember correctly my father owned a butcher shop/meat market ”back in the day ”when there were at least 20 of them on Salem St and about 30-35 through out the No End not including Blackstone St and the Haymarket area

  6. The man in the window– ”a look out” at Bee Gee’s bookie joint on Prince st. across from the entrance to St. l Leonard’s church .Nothing can replace Bee Gee’s ,still vacant to this day since it,s closing!!!

  7. The Butcher’s name was Angelo “addie” Addonizio. If you goggle .his name you will see an obit with a good write up. He died at the age of 96

  8. The man in the window was Lou Marotta sitting inside the former Prince Social Club at 38 Prince Street (AKA Bee Gee’s ).

  9. Danny your father -a great wonderful man -and my father spent some wonderful times in Bee Gee’s!! Times gone by-The North End men’s social clubs are of a bygone era!! To this day Aunt Carmella is still their neighbor.

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