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Cross Street Development Options Presented for Boston Landmarks Commission

Charter Realty presented updated plans this week for Cross Street (between Hanover & Salem), following up on the previous meeting regarding the 5,500 square foot development proposal. The space encompasses three buildings, 198 Hanover Street, 60 Cross Street, and 53 Salem Street that are in a location that many refer to as the, “Gateway to the North End.” This North End community meeting was part of a Article 85 Demolition Delay process before a hearing with the Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

Karen Johnson of Charter Realty & Development, walks through the proposal.

Previously, the proposal was scheduled to be presented to the commission in February. But, Charter Realty was asked to produce additional plans that would adhere to the current property, in case the demolition is denied.

Currently, the proposal for the complete demolition would require a new foundation and new construction that is still the number one option for Charter Realty. Alternate proposals in case demolition is not approved consisted of utilizing the current structure to best suit tenants that would reduce the amount of turnover that has plagued these properties in years past.

Several alternate plans were presented, both of them took the Cross Street building from five tenants to three tenants. One alternate rendering (shown above) consisted of adding one story onto the existing structure, while adding ramps and stairs to make the structure fully ADA accessible. This was deemed unfeasible by Charter Realty, due to the 4 foot elevation change from Hanover Street to Salem Street which would require 17% of the floor-plan to be consumed by ramps or stairs.

The other option (shown below) was to use the existing height of the current building and condense the tenants down to three spaces. This plan would leave the billboard on the roof while adding modern touches to the building, such as the translucent paneling shown in red.

Both alternate options would incorporate 53 Salem Street into the ground floor restaurant or retail tenant.

Currently, no leases have been signed and there is no indication whether the tenants would be a restaurant, or retail. Charter Realty has not applied for building permits or demolition permits at this time.

Anyone can submit written comments before the March 14th hearing to Boston Landmarks Commission, Boston City Hall, Room 709, 1 City Hall Square , Boston, MA 0 2201, fax to 617-635-3435, or email a PDF with signature to:

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  1. Where there is a Will there is a Way. Someone will do whatever it takes to profit from this property and the City
    will gladly welcome it. It comes down to Money, as usual.

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