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Police Blotter: Vandalized Cop Car, Loud Penthouse Party

The following report is from District A-1 Boston Police blotter.


03/03/17  ~  10:00pm
A male suspect was arrested for vandalism on Hanover Street after tearing the rear windshield wiper off of a Boston Police Department marked cruiser while parked on Hanover Street. The suspect charged with Willful & Malicious destruction of property.

Investigate Property

03/09/17  ~  12:58am
Police Officers responded to a Sheafe Street penthouse apartment for a loud party / disturbance call. On arrival, multiple people were leaving the residence and the party was cleared. The tenants were issued a warning regarding being charged with Keeper of a Disorderly House.

5 Replies to “Police Blotter: Vandalized Cop Car, Loud Penthouse Party

    1. No kidding Joan Of Arc, I’ve been looking to move for years now……..It’s one big dorm.

  1. On the Sheafe Street party, is the landlord notified when police are called to a residence for any issue? Thanks to the police that come each time I call. It’s usually a quick response.

  2. Sheafe St. Res. You are extremely fortunate that the police come every time you, most of the time they don’t
    show up & plenty of No. End Residents can attest to that.

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