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5-Story Residential Building at 173 Endicott Street Proposed at Neighborhood Council [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) heard an application for a new 5-story development at 173 Endicott Street in Boston’s North End.

The proposal by Urban Core Development’s Robert Quinn is to construct a nine-unit residential building on an empty parcel, currently used as a parking lot on the corner of N. Margin and Endicott Streets. Units will range from 470-square-feet studios to 1200-square-feet two bedroom layouts. Parking for seven vehicles is included on the first floor, using hydraulic lifts to allow for vertical stacking. Two private roof decks are currently shown in the proposal. The architect is Peter Vanko with real estate sales by Toni Gilardi, both who were present at the meeting.

Attorney Daniel Toscano introduced the project with renderings and floor plans. Specific zoning violations include (1) groundwater district requirements, (2) a proposed floor to area ratio of 4.6 above the 3.0 zoning code, (3) insufficient open space, (4) lack of rear yard space and (5) insufficient off-street parking.

Several abutters from Endicott and N. Margin Street attended the meeting. Neighbors were generally critical of the proposal. Some issues raised in include the bay windows that extend over the sidewalk, traffic/logistics of the parking plan, shadows and the general massing of the building that will fill the empty space on the long vacant plot.

NEWNC deferred voting on the proposal to give the petitioner time to work with abutters on the relevant issues. The petitioner intends to return to the neighborhood groups in early March, before a hearing in front of the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal on March 28, 2017.

6 Replies to “5-Story Residential Building at 173 Endicott Street Proposed at Neighborhood Council [Video]

    1. Agreed. Way to big for that plot. Such small units translate into transient housing by their very dimensions. No matter the size, good to have either condo docs or rental agreements PROHIBIT AIRBNB OR FLIPKEY OR ANY VARIATION OF SUCH SHORT TERM RENTAL.

  1. I support the project. I don’t see what they issue the developers are replacing a vacant lot and adding much needing housing for the a “downtown city Neighborhood”. No such thing for too big when you are “downtown” and its only a 5 story building.

  2. Can’t imagine that you could get much sleep at location like that. Real noisy location and just about as congested as it gets around here. No sale here.

    1. Sorry wrong end of Endcott St. Actually, this parking lot is an eye sore. The side walk around it often isn’t shovelled and people often dump trash there. Really needs some improvement.

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