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North End Against Drugs Goes to the Museum of Science

Some of the many NEAD Family Members who attended the Museum of Science (NEAD photo)

On Friday evening, February 10th, North End Against Drugs took just over 40 family members to the Museum of Science. “It was a fun and educational night for all of us” exclaimed NEAD President John Romano, it was awesome”!

Thanks to the generosity of Maria Cabrera who is the Museum’s Supervisor of Community Relations, NEAD received a scholarship for admittance to the Exhibit Halls and the Omni Theater showing of Journey to Space.

North End Against Drugs and the Museum have been partnering together for over 15 years and Maria’s program has supported us not only with visits to the Museum but also attending North End Family Pride Day and providing traveling exhibits there for all of the North End families to enjoy.

“North End Against Drugs is extremely grateful to Maria and the Museum for our ongoing partnership, it was a great night for all who attended” said NEAD President John Romano.

North End Against Drugs is committed to promote a drug free environment in our neighborhood by providing fun, educational, informative, cultural and recreational programs at an affordable price to North End Residents and neighbors.

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