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Addiction Treatment and Prevention, the Topic at NEAD Family Dinner

The Nazzaro Center was packed with kids and parents for a family dinner and talk hosted by North End Against Drugs (NEAD). In addition to the large spread of food, kids listened to guest speaker Maryanne Frangules, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR) talk about her role in education, prevention, and treatments associated with addiction.

Maryanne Frangules, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recover (MOAR) at the Nazzaro Center. (Photo by Conor Finley)

Speaking to kids about issues surrounding drug and alcohol, potential peer pressure kids face and tactics of how to say “no.” Frangules not only touched on the importance of making good choices and avoiding bad decisions simply by knowing the difference.

Educating the kids on the process of getting help, including detox and the long road of recovery it takes to treat addiction.  Through prevention and fighting for good treatment, MOAR hopes to have the same level of support for people in recovery that is association with other more common illnesses.

In her role as Executive Director since 1999, Frangules has helped the organization build a statewide association of people in recovery and has lead lobbying efforts to help people get help when they need it.  MOAR aims to, “organize recovering individuals, families and friends into a collective voice to educate the public about the value of recovery from alcohol and other addictions.”

In addition to the dinner and talk, NEAD also had their annual hat & glove collection for the St. Francis Homeless Shelter on Boylston Street in Boston. Several bags were filled with hats and gloves to donate for the upcoming winter.

NEAD works to educate kids in the community about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol abuse while promoting youth to stay involved in community groups, organizations, and sports.