Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester Visits the Eliot School for Principal for a Day

This year, the Eliot K-8 Innovation School hosted the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, Mitchell Chester as well as the Red Sox Foundation Programs Manager, Ms. Tyler Petropolous for the city wide Principal Partner event. The annual Principal Partners event “brings out the best in Boston.” Hosted by Bank of America, Boston Public Schools and BPE, this special event generates support for the city’s schools.

Every November, leaders from the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors partner with BPS principals as they lead their schools through the activities of a regular school day. Participants convene at noon for lunch at Bank of America to share their experiences and join the conversation about the critical role education plays in the quality of our society and in the future of our economy.

The special visitors spent time at the Eliot K-8 Innovation School with Principal Traci Walker Griffith observing classrooms and speaking with students and teachers. Both the visitors loved their visit and shared how impressed they were with the high level of student engagement and rigorous learning that was occurring in every classroom they visited. Students were able to ask questions to both Commissioner Chester and Ms. Petropolous about their jobs and how they make a difference in our community. In a fourth grade classroom, students shared about the writing process and in fifth grade the students taught our visitors a new ways to add fractions.

The Eliot K-8 Innovation School has hosted a principal partner every November for ten years. The faculty and students were excited to show off the wonderful work that occurs daily in our school.