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New Coffee Shop / Cafe by Golden Goose on Atlantic Avenue Supported at Residents Meeting [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) voted 43-3 in support of a new coffee shop and cafe at 65 Atlantic Avenue. The proponent is Steve DeAngelis, owner of Golden Goose Market. The location is across the alley from the existing market, although the entrance would be on the Atlantic Avenue side of the property.

Dunkin’ Donuts was the alternative party for the space, according to Attorney William Ferullo who represented Mr. DeAngelis at the meeting. The property owner and neighbors encouraged the Golden Goose owner to pursue the coffee shop operation so the space would stay in local hands.

65 Atlantic Avenue – Future Home of Golden Goose Coffee Shop & Cafe (NEWF photo)

The application requires a change in occupancy from real estate office/bank to include restaurant use with takeout. Attorney Ferullo noted that while the Golden Goose needs a variance, Dunkin’ Donuts has avoided the need for such zoning variances (and neighborhood review) by using to a loophole where they claim they are not actually preparing food on the premises, just bringing it in from a centralized kitchen where the food is made elsewhere. The Golden Goose Cafe would be cooking its own food on the premises.

Plans including 36 seats (plus outdoor seating) with hours of 6am to 8pm, serving breakfast all day and other lunch cafe items. Michael Dello Russo is the contractor. There is no request for an alcohol license.

Trash will use the existing facilities at the Golden Goose market with anticipated upgrades to the alleyway. A new air filtration system will be used to keep odors from blowing outside the coffee shop, avoiding the need for a roof vent.

Questions at the NEWRA meeting were asked about the aesthetics of the venting system as well as plans for an outside awning on Atlantic Avenue.

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) also supported the proponent at an earlier meeting. The abutting Prince Building supports the venture, as did others at the city’s abutters meeting. All the groups are advisory to the Boston Zoning Board of Appeal that will make the final determination on the variance.

View the video above recorded on October 13th for more information, including the presentation and discussion at NEWRA.

3 Replies to “New Coffee Shop / Cafe by Golden Goose on Atlantic Avenue Supported at Residents Meeting [Video]

  1. Dunkin Donuts doesn’t do an adequate job of collecting their trash. You find those huge plastic ice coffee cups all over the place even though there is currently no DD in the neighborhood. Mostly serves non-residents. I remember the one near the old Bay State Lobster used to cause traffic problems due to the ad-hoc double parking. There is one over at the Harbor Garage if you need a fix.

  2. In response to the new coffee shop and cafe and forgetting about Dunkin Donuts, I think it’s a wonderful concept and will fit in with the neighboring businesses. Great !

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